Amazon challenge September 25 as the date to reveal a number of organs of the new

Amazon may reveal devices Fire TV and assistance to the new voice and other tablets Cheap Price

أمازون تحدد 25 سبتمبر موعداً للكشف عن عدد من أجهزتها الجديدةHappened Amazon on September 25

In the footsteps of companies other technical announced by Amazon on September 25, it will be time to reveal a number of new devices.

But for a moment think of the information available about the nature of the event and the devices that the company will introduce its very few, but this does not prevent the boat stopped.

Depending on what is announced about Amazon in the dates are similar from previous years, probably will get the event detector devices Echo new وFire TV as well as some surprises.

Knowing that the company has announced devices Fire TV Cube new during the IFA exhibition in Berlin by days in addition plan a new production of the devices, Fire TV, but there’s a lot of Amazon products that didn’t require him after and most likely will be announced when new updates during this continuous period of holidays next launch to the public.

Perhaps the devices and tablet cheap price would be at the forefront of the event next to their products Wide people’s aid home and the Echo.

No more expectations, however, that the material sold is soon, is there a problem about two weeks, so it will come after several days of the conference Huawei detector series phones what on 19 September.

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