Amazon check with their staff led assessments of products for money

أمازون تحقق مع موظفيها لتلاعبهم بتقييمات المنتجات مقابل المال

When you buy a new product from a site like Amazon looks at the user mainly to evaluate the product, where assessment plays an important role in the Battle of the credibility of the owner of the goods and quality that it provides. But, hey! It seems that this was not the case with a number of well-known products on the App Store.

It has opened the Amazon to achieve with a number of its employees due notice of their assessments and reviews some of the products for money, and this is done by deleting the negative reviews of the products, which makes assessment of the general high because of the survival of the good reviews of the product, according to what, according to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

And speaking of the report that the owners of the products they’re trying to get the staff of the Amazon by apps to communicate, to do by making them delete their reviews bad via access to internal data, compared to about 300$ to bad fact!

It can be said that it did not stop on that, the report on the mission’s request to email your buyers the owners of negative evaluations, as is the case with other request information about their competitors in this area.

The fact that this problem, has Amazon to restrict work on its system in the company to grant employees access to data related to the role of their job, the company has applied this in China – where the existence of cases of manipulation, and will begin to investigate the same thing with the police department in America.

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