Amazon compete with Spotify and Apple TV via Amazon Music HD

The company launched the Amazon a new category of service by the musical bearing the name of Amazon Music HD (Amazon Music HD), which files provide audio quality comparable to the quality of CD-audio for broadcast or download at a price less than the price of service (Tidal), the main competitor for this kind of acoustics.

The price of subscription is $ 12.99 per month program members (Amazon Prime) or $ 14.99 per month for everyone else, while the cost line (Hi-Fi) service (Tidal) up to $ 19.99 per month.

You can add the service to your current subscription in Amazon Music (Amazon Music) for $ 5 extra per month, whether you’re on an individual plan or family.

And Amazon: if you have a list of more than 50 million Song HD (HD), a term for songs with the bit depth CD quality 16-bit & sample rate of 44.1 kHz.

As the list includes millions of songs Ultra HD (Ultra HD), which translates to a bit depth rate of 24-bit with sample rate between 44.1 kHz and 192 kHz, which the company says: it’s the highest quality available for any live musician.

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And the service (Amazon Music HD) songs format (FLAC) with no loss of accuracy, rather than the format (MQA) that you are using the service (Tidal).

According to the company Amazon, has chosen the terminology of (HD) and (Ultra HD) because they found it more understandable in front of a large audience compared to the current terminology for audio quality.

You can experience the (Amazon Music HD) free for 90 days when all, there are options to broadcast and download the music high quality, as it can be – when you play A Song (HD) or (Ultra HD) – click logo (HD) to show the screen to provide more detail about the actual quality of this file.

And Amazon reduce the quality dynamically if the broadcast through internet connection with low bandwidth.

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