Amazon donates $ 1,000,000$ encyclopedia Wikipedia

شركة أمازون تتبرع بـ 1,000,000$ لموسوعة ويكيبيديا

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that we visit most times when we want to make sure of certain information, or to check on the meaning of a new term etc., anyone can take advantage of their services even large firms benefit, in a time where the encyclopedia on donations, funding by individuals or companies, not Amazon’s role in this process, although they benefit from the information in her assistant Alex.

Today considered a giant of electronic commerce in the Switch for to the list of companies that help support Wikipedia financially and for their services, as Facebook, Microsoft and Google it will help all of about 50.000$, and announced its donation of top$ 1 billion for the Wikimedia support for the free encyclopedia.

The company said in a speech that Wikipedia is very important to the success of the Alexa is considered as the basis for many of the aid to the voice, she said to Techcrunch that Alex answer hundreds of questions based on Wikipedia.

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