Amazon Fire TV gets YouTube app, the official, apply Prime Video Gets Chromecast support

Amazon Fire TV

As promised before, it all from Google and Amazon to bring some of the features required to systems respective.

Initially, the company Google re-launched the YouTube app official devices Amazon Fire TV. Application will become automatically available to all devices, Amazon Fire TV compatible and once installed it will provide full support for all the content and features of YouTube. Users will be able to access 4K content at 60 frames per second with HDR.

At the same time, the company Amazon activate AirPlay support in the app Amazon Prime Video on Android and iOS. This will allow users to broadcast video of the application of Amazon Prime Video to any Chromecast or Android TV or any device built-in Chromecast.

Although the application of Amazon Prime Video not supported at all, except that Google used to have a YouTube application official on the platform for Amazon Fire TV. However, with the escalation of tensions between the two companies, Google will pull the app.

After that, a few months ago, the two companies announced jointly that they would the YouTube app to the platform, Amazon Fire TV, in addition to adding support for the Chromecast desired long since to Amazon Prime Video. Now, both features are available now, which means that devices Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast will now complete, regardless of which device you choose. Certainly, this does not benefit the two companies, but more importantly, we also as consumers.

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