Amazon fire web browser Amazon Internet

The new browser from the Amazon Internet specially designed to work on Android devices low specifications, it can be installed on Android devices lollipop 5.0 or higher.

During the financial period, the many technology companies in a version diluted by the application of its basic, where to put Google’s full range of application of the diluted of the Android version Joe Android Go such as the application Maps The Go and YouTube Go and Files Go Gmail Go.

Also launched a Facebook version diluted by the application of its core Facebook and Messenger for Android, and accompany it all with the leadership of the store Google Apps and Google Play to provide recommendations on the applications diluted on the pages of the main applications to promote the use of such women.

It seems that Amazon is trying to match other companies through its launch earlier application Kindle Lite for the Indian market, and now, you know about a new web browser for the Android system supports Internet, which are trying to be browser basic phones low specifications.

This browser installable on devices powered by Android lollipop 5.0 or higher, which is currently available in the Indian market only, a market where low-cost Android phones are popular, and likely access to other markets in the coming months.

And speaking of features, the browser Amazon Internet includes only a few of the features where the main page of the websites you visit a lot and some of the news stories are common, similar to what Google Chrome browser Chrome.

As you can open several tabs, use a private browsing mode that prevents recording of browsing history, with reference to the size of the app is 2.7 MB only, which makes it very small compared to the sizes of the apps Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


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