Amazon is developing a device Echo upscale to rival the HomePod from Apple

The development of the Amazon version high-quality tweeter home my Echo (Echo), which will allow the company access to a market of outstanding sound, with the intensification of work on the robot her home, according to provide a new published by the Bloomberg agency.

The company plans to issue the new version of the speaker Echo by next year, it seems that the prototyping for loudspeaker cylinder shape wider than the current version, in order to provide more libraries, including four speakers at least.

Being the development of the device eco new by (Lab126), an arm of the research and development company, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

The device maintains a commitment to customer ecosystem to Amazon, including the purchase of products from (, and the use of services, such as the (Prime Video); and (Prime Music).

According to figures from market research firm (EMarketer), it is supposed to access your Echo (Echo), which sold in 2015, on 63 percent of the U.S. market this year.

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But the device is not able to compete (the Sonos One); and (HomePod) Apple TV and (Home Max) from Google, for providing the voice of a superior.

Owns Google currently accounts for 31 percent of the market, while the rest have combined rate of 12 percent.

And I Apple TV sales (HomePod), compared with its forecast, which forced them earlier to reduce the price of it.

I tried Amazon before to improve the sound of your echo through the modifications, the width of the amplifier health is an independent device connecting speakers with stereo sound.

And Amazon is also to provide a high-resolution copy of their music services (Amazon Music), which should correspond better with your eco new.

While enjoying a domestic robot, known internally as Vista (Vesta), the wheels can be controlled by orders of the Alexa (Alexa) audio, the company aims to detect as early as this year, but he is not yet ready to produce on a large scale.

Despite the possibility to choose Amazon not Android launch, but it has brought in recent months, engineers from other projects to work on, in reference to that it plans to sell a robot (Vesta) at some point.

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