Amazon is developing a robot my house to deal with Alex



Works R & D Center own been on a new and unique a robot my house, supported by the assistant voice Alex.

The project is being developed in the center Lab126 responsible for the development of gear devices Samsung different such as echo, kindu, and even a telephone fire the staff.

Still the information is scarce on Android and what are the tasks that he can do, but can be considered as Alex so excited that tracks the user within the region to far away rooms soon to be to listen to voice commands and implementation.

And Android vision cameras computing system for image processing and scan the ocean and after that it becomes a prototype ready to face the Amazon for some staff to test in their homes by that allow for testing to the public beginning next year.

It is worth mentioning that the LG reviewed robot named Cloi at CES last but failed in the performance of tasks during the presentation, as well as the Sony reviewed the new version of the robot Dog Aibo, which can be considered a robot to just where he’ll bark. playing football is sold at a price of $ 1800.

With the scarcity of details and information, you can expect that this is not a robot in the sense of the device of the assistant in the performance of household tasks such as land development, etc., as much as what is the device that facilitates communication with the digital assistant Alexa.


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