Amazon is investing 575 million in the food delivery service Deliveroo

أمازون تستثمر 575$ مليون في خدمة توصيل الطعام Deliveroo

Pumped company Amazon investment of $ 575 million in food delivery service Deliveroo, to the service of the exceptions until now, to 1.53 million. This investment comes in a round investment led by the company with several investors.

Service Deliveroo serves as the application helps users to order food from nearby restaurants is easy, and the most powerful rival services Uber ETSU in the United Kingdom which is considered the starting place Deliveroo.

Since its inception, was able to access service to 14 markets globally such as Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Becoming the of the most food delivery services prevalent around the world.

And will Shaw, executive director and co-founder of the service, that his company will benefit from this significant investment in the development of its main hub in the United Kingdom, as well as the expansion of the service to be available to customers new.

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