Amazon is planning to launch 30 movie at least a year


There are many services that broadcast movies and series on the market currently, and this is something which is good for consumers note that this also leads to the raised competition between companies to get the biggest slide of the pie. Because of the intense competition, the company believes Amazon has only one way to respond to competitors.

According to a new report released recently from the website Hollywood Reporter, it seems that the plan of Amazon to respond to increasing competition is to launch more exclusive content that is likely to be the company is now planning to launch 30 films per year. It was revealed during a session of questions and answers ( Q&A ) with the chairperson of the studios Amazon, Ms. Jennifer Salke.

Ms. Jennifer Salke also on the strategy of Amazon when it comes to launching new films and how they differ from the likes of Netflix, so that made it clear that the company will be held in the future to bring more original movies to its service quickly through the launch of a new film every few weeks instead of releasing it every three months or so.

However, both Netflix and Amazon stop competition fiercer later this year, it is supposed to do Disney without her in a few months launch a service streaming movies and series which you’ll get the name of the +Disney. Given the reputation of the company, Disney in this sector, we expect them to strongly compete with Netflix and Amazon.

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