Amazon is planning to use the digital assistant Alexa in order to ” health and safety “

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The value of the health sector billions of dollars, if not more, that is why it is understandable that there are many technical companies that started in reaching this market through the creation of healthy products, such as Apple, Google, and other companies. Not surprising that Amazon don’t interest too in this market, we have heard about it in the past, but now it seems that this American company is planning to take advantage of the Alexa is also.

According to a new report released recently from the website of CNBC, it seems that he got the document suggests that Amazon has established a team of health and Safety ” Health & Wellness ” within the Alexa. This seems to indicate that Amazon might be interested in a way as to take advantage of Alexa to provide more features and functionality health of users. It is not clear what we’re talking about exactly, but it seems that the main task of the team is to make the digital assistant Alexa more useful in the field of health care.

However, we may have looked at plans Amazon before, because in 2017 the work of the Amazon with the company Merck to develop skills for the digital assistant Alexa to help people managing diabetes to have. So they created a contest for developers to create the appropriate skills, so it is clear that Amazon has plans to make Alexa very useful for users in the field of health care also.

Maybe you can use Alexa to remind users to take their medication, or connect with health devices that can alert users to changes in their health, and many doctor appointments, etc. Anyway, I didn’t know Amazon yet on their plans, so we’ll have to wait and see what will happen in the end.


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