Amazon is preparing to launch the service of free music supported by ads

أمازون تستعد لإطلاق خدمة موسيقية مجانية مدعمة بالإعلانات

E-services are the most prominent at the present time the competition among technical companies, especially with the similarity of the smart devices in between them heavily, while we believe companies expect the competition in the broadcast services content visible and readable, in conjunction with the raising competition in the content market audio.

Although Spotify and Apple are the leading provider of such services when talking about music, and want Amazon to enter stronger in the market, but somehow Spotify by offering their services for free and their ads to take advantage of the income, i.e. to take advantage of them will depend on the user to pay monthly subscriptions is mandatory, just like you do Apple TV with service, or even Amazon itself with Prime Music.

All confirm can Amazon to plan with ease to provide the service, but if it confirms its desire to raise the user base is larger, you’ll be within the vanguard on the opposite of what is currently happening because of the availability of the service of her music entirely by paid subscriptions.

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