Amazon is working on a device to record live performances on TV

أمازون تعمل على إصدار جهاز لتسجيل العروض المباشرة على التلفاز

Work Amazon on the version of the device recording new video, can record live shows on TV, and the Treaty on the user’s watch later on his own phone. It seems that Amazon would like suitable company, Tivo, in the areas of scheduling, registration, presentations of the initiative and provide this service pleased.

And the idea of the work of the new device and labeled internally in the police (Frank), for it contains storage space, and arrived with Fire TV own base, where he recorded the video with devices Fire TV, via the same wireless technology used in connected devices, the Amazon eco. According to the website Bloomberg, which added that the product is not formal so far, and may not be put on the market.

The Amazon on the update formula of software to their Fire TV stick, and does not exclude the export of the company and share its technology along with its current partners, with the companies manufacturing TVs other, the violin, the company did Roku .

It is noticeable that Amazon would like to control the attachments of entertainment in the living room fully, she now collects her thoughts and direct competition with Tivo and Roku, in order to provide consumers with an integrated TV and video recorder, to offering exclusive content, through the conclusion of transactions with the companies own visual content.

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