Amazon is working on a wrist of the hand predicts the status of the wearer emotion through his voice !

أمازون تعمل على جهاز لمعصم اليد يتنبأ حالة مرتديه العاطفية من خلال صوته !

In a new report from Bloomberg pointed the site to the work of the company Amazon on the production of the new smart device wearable on the wrist and say similar for smart watches, it can predict its owner’s emotion through tone of voice, where the House will come on the background of the collaboration between the laboratory team to develop products Amazon’s Lab126 team, the developer to help her voice to Alexa.

It will be a device designed to pick up sound via the internal microphone in the time which operates in conjunction with an application for smart phones; and to do this processed voice of the user across a range of software through the app to the user’s emotional state through tone of voice.

According to the website the product is classified among the products of the company interested in the health of the individual, without official comment from Amazon on the news, but can understand the context of the work device by the judge by reference to a patent the company has been registered by 2017 and disclosed to the public last year.

They talk about the sound system can analyze the votes in accordance with the tone and voice of the speaker which in turn refers to a feeling, whether of joy or sadness or fear or tension or fatigue etc. feelings of different human !

Maybe we can profit here what has been revealed recently about the Enjoy Amazon records voice command to users assistance to the different sound, which might raise suspicion that she was trained for this purpose.

In is not clear how long it will take police work on their new project or will it become a fact in the coming period or not; due to the fear of Amazon in many similar experiences previously, but without taking them out as a final product to the user, but in all cases will be the police all the experiences that the development of Alaska and its in the field of competition against aid audio for other companies (Google and Apple) in particular.

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