Amazon is working on the production of a domestic helper new high quality

Seeking Amazon to maintain its dominance in the market Assistance home work to Assistant Home classy able to compete.

أمازون تعمل على إنتاج مساعد منزلي جديد عالي الجودة

In the shadow of the fierce competition that prevails in the aid market home audio of various kinds, work Amazon important current on this market on the production assistant to my house again; but this time it will be the product of the category of high-end, high-quality to suspect her opponent and on top of Google and Apple, according to Bloomberge.

Where will be the Assistant Amazon the dimensions and specifications of new and different devices that the Amazon Echo of the former; it is cylindrical with a diameter wider than its predecessors with the fit on a larger number of high quality amplifiers, may be up to 4 speakers, according to people close to the company.

In the work on a new product under the supervision of the laboratory Amazon Lab126 is responsible for the production and development of devices Amazon different, also responsible for the development of the robot house my Works been Alex, which we pointed out in last year’s report; the police are still working on it for a moment.

It is not unusual to see Amazon took the production line to aid the home a great interest in the meantime, especially in light of the superiority of their products in this market but it sales have become closer to commend them for.

Which means a dip close to and down the Amazon from the summit if things continue as such; while to Google and assistance Home expanding in this market, in addition to the products of Sonos working originally with the support of the Alexa ranking assistant Google.

For its part, the company refused to Amazon to comment on its work on your eco high-end as is the case of non-confirmation on the Android home also, but it’s expected that the company calls Android before the end of the year, the voice assistant may be launched by 2020, according to the source.

On the other hand we had talked last April about the leaks the work of the Amazon to the headphones wireless, the company wants to compete in this market and find a match for Apple AirPod controlling the fish market of the wireless world.

As Bloomberg noted in a report last May to plan of Amazon to produce a smart device wearable, such as smart watches for this market.

Let’s see that that giant of e-commerce us seeking for more and more in the global market, based on the organization of its lines, its own production style, marketing the products of other companies; with its the same time as updates to its products available present in the market.



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