Amazon launches an updated version of her book electronic Kindle Paperwhite

أمازون تطلق نسخة محدثة من كتابها الالكتروني Kindle Paperwhite

Between the series of e-books launched Amazon was Kindle Paperwhite the author of the luck of where the people’s committee of teachers to read the books through this device last, as it offers the advantage of the extra light the background and the screen resolution is higher that were not available in the version of Kindle regular, priced at the average between the books Amazon other 120$, to develop Amazon today a new update for the Paperwhite additional features available in the copy written by the top price and quality, such as water resistance and support services to Amazon’s Audible.

And the screen resolution in writing Paperwhite updated 300 ppi any high resolution provided by the also brightness increased by 10% to use it in sunny days more efficiently, in addition to what is mentioned above of being called a service Amazon Audible audiobooks that enables the reader to listen to people via Bluetooth headsets, known with book audio in synchrony with the reading, which provides of the nature of the property of synchronization of Amazon Whispersync which will take you directly to the place you stopped reading parallel to heaven in the same device.

As for the thickness of the book for 8.8 mm and weighing 182 grams, the price is 129.99$ the book offers a storage space of 8 GB, while the version 32 GB $ 159.99$ with the addition of communication services cell for women up the price of its 294.99$ for those who would like access to write a new in the case of the lack of wireless internet.

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