Amazon launches initiative to collect more of the digital assistant in a single device

The company launched the Amazon today, Tuesday a new initiative that will let users access their digital (Alexa) Alexa and Assistant Microsoft (Cortana) Cortana, and the many digital assistants and other spoken audio, from a single device.

This move comes at a time of intensified competition among global technology companies to control the market to aid sound, which are usually found in smart speakers, including those equipped with Screen, Portable Devices.

It is remarkable in (directly to the voice work of the joint) Voice Interoperability Initiative from Amazon they invested Assistant Google Digital (set) Assistant, and assistant to the Apple TV (Siri) Siri, in addition to Assistant Samsung (Bixby) Bixby.

Reuters quotes a source familiar with the matter that Amazon contact Google, but only on weekends, making the time frame for submitting the proposal is very short.

A Google spokesperson told: “we just heard about this initiative we will need to review the details, but in general, we are always interested in participating in efforts that have the broad support of the ecosystem and the practices privacy and security forces,”.

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It is indicated that the initiative – which was supported by more than 30 companies – which also includes platform artificial intelligence (Einstein) Einstein a subsidiary (sensor) Salesforce the leader in CRM, as it includes companies specialized in the manufacture of chips, such as Intel, Qualcomm, meat, and(if XP) NXP which will develop hardware in the framework of this initiative.

Announced the leading companies in its field, such as: Spotify, Tencent, and Baidu, BMW, and focus, and Harry, two, and one, the Sonos, and Sony, about its support for the initiative.

It should be noted that the cooperation between Amazon and Microsoft is not the first, as the two companies announced two years ago to Alexa and Cora of us will be able to speak with a few of them, a rare move in itself, because most of the digital assistants used the data of the environmental own, not by switching to other assistance.

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