Amazon launches its high-quality musical Amazon Music HD

If you are a fan of the music and the quality of what you hear, most of the services Broadcast Music won’t do, because Amazon still lags behind the competition compared to Spotify and Apple TV, they presented what they don’t have service, music for a fresh sound.

The new service called Amazon Music HD provides a copy of the top quality of the same music content exist in the service known. Among the specialized services there is a service Tidal give excellent sound quality, but Amazon, as usual. competitive price.

Amazon’s service available with a monthly subscription of $ 14.99 use Prime at a price of $ 12.99, while service Tidal is available fee $ 19.99.

Services include Amazon high-quality musical more than 50 million songs available today the quality of the CD original is 44.1 kHz and 16 bit. There are more than millions of songs (less than 10 million) come to have the highest quality (Ultra HD) which is 24-bit and up to 192 kHz.

The thing about Amazon’s service really is the songs that are its files with FLAC rather than extensions MQA existing service Tidal, all of the above content will this stretch to get the listening experience is incomparable.

And Spotify Apple TV on the market services to broadcast music, but they both offer the sound quality of a standard appropriate for the majority of users. While Amazon want to offer something higher quality and professional more suitable for pure sound with headphones specialized.

Recall that Amazon’s service musical has 32 million subscribers, which is much less compared to Spotify which has 100 million subscribers paid.

The Spotify previously had chosen the superior sound quality but it did not provide it formally to the participants. And Apple TV it says everything in her power to extract the best possible sound quality file extension AAC

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