Amazon launches music service free to owners of devices Echo

Announced Amazon officially announced the launch of a streaming music service, a new free ad-supported in the United States, which will be available to anyone who wants to run free music on the speakers smart home Echo.

The owners can devices Echo who wanted to broadcast music from Amazon and pay for an annual membership in the service Prime access to the Prime Music Prime Music service, or pay $ 3.99 per month to access a service Amazon Music Unlimited.

And the new service to the list of service Prime Music itself, which today comprises more than Million my song, while I have a service Amazon Music Unlimited about 50 million songs.

The new service for the owners of Echo a way to enjoy music free from Amazon on the Echo, instead of having to resort to a provider of free third-party, such as But or Pandora Pandora.

They also provide a way to induce the owners of Echo on the translation to the services of a paid subscription offered by Amazon, including Amazon and Music Unlimited, and even Prime itself.

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And Amazon enter the market with free broadcast, compete directly with Spotify.

Reports to make Amazon’s discussions with the record companies to get licenses to broadcast music within the service for all transmission, regardless of the amount of advertising that it sells within the service.

The new service serves as a competitive advantage and attractive to potential buyers speakers smart home, making them choose hardware Echo rather than the hardware Google Home, or Apple HomePod.

Also offers a streaming music service free ad-supported Company a new way to invest their funds in order to increase the loyalty of the users of the devices Echo.

Revenue ads Amazon 10.1 billion in 2018, or 4.3 percent of its total revenue, now looking for new ways to increase the growth of this figure.

Come process ever in the wake of forecast 2018 from eMarketer, which predicted that the share of Amazon in the market of smart speakers in the year 2020, and in light of intensified competition from competitors, including Google Home, and the Sonos One, and Apple HomePod.

Achieved market speakers smart good results in 2018, it now owns about 41 percent of consumers in the United States-speaker sound intelligent.

Said Amazon in the beginning of the year: it has sold more than 100 million devices speaker powered help out, audio Alexa Alexa so far, but this figure includes other devices non devices Echo, including hardware manufacturers and other external parties.

The process of the launch of Amazon’s new service as a blow to an important service of Steve, which was considered the best streaming service music monthly subscription, with a free version supported by advertising.

Often clients bear the free version to customers subscribers per month, which is what helped Spotify grow, and the number of customers monthly subscription is paid to the 96 million users, with 116 million users.

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