Amazon launches service Textract cloud the ability to read millions of pages in a few hours

أمازون تطلق خدمة Textract السحابية بقدرة على قراءة ملايين الصفحات في بضع ساعات

Amazon announced the launch of a new service on behalf of the Textract rely on artificial intelligence and can save time and effort in reading and writing documents, where it has the ability to read millions of pages of various documents within just few hours.

This new service is the last thing announced by Amazon on its services to AWS cloud, which provides many advantages to the users what make it one of the most important cloud services in the world and big companies.

According to the company, the Textract can read files and documents the different forms and whether the information tables or the texts of the ordinary or Numbers or even the names and phone numbers, so you can re-write it and dried it in a new text file.

And speaking of service, they are of the name, she explained that the process takes place through the work of scanning of the attached files and then the files are converted to written texts.

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