Amazon launches smart screen Amazon Echo Show 5 versus $ 90 USD


The company Amazon launched screen new Smart is supported by the digital assistant Alexa as part of a series of smart speakers Amazon Echo Series called Amazon Echo Show 5. This new screen comes in a smaller size compared with the screen of the Amazon Echo Show and a much lower price.

Need device Amazon Echo Show 5 new a screen size of 5.5 inches and accurately 480×960 pixels by width perfect height to watch the content for Amazon Prime Video, as well as the content available on other services. In the backend, the device speakers one for strongly 4W.

Needs a Amaeon Echo Show 5 also new on camera with a 1 megapixels up front for video chats with users of Amazon Echo the others. And this camera is also the shutter covering the camera physically when not in use. Apart from that, this new smart look just like any device, the Amazon Echo Show another. You can use voice commands to access your services as well as home appliances, smart home control throughout your home.

I’ve been pricing of smart screen Amazon Echo Show 5 is estimated at $ 90 USD and will be available for purchase in two colors, namely black and white.

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