Amazon may not offers prices cheaper starting today

Started Amazon to abandon its policy of requiring sellers pricing their product via e-store is cheaper than any other site, means that shoppers of the United States may find the same product off Amazon for a cheaper price.

The U.S. Justice Department has asked Amazon to abandon its pricing policy imposed on vendors provide the prices cheaper because of the use of price as a competitive tool compared to trade in other.

Comes the application of this procedure in the United States after six years of the commencement of its application in the European Union, where the imposition of the Office of fair trade in the United Kingdom and alliances federalism in Germany on Amazon to abandon its policy of pricing that lost the competition and fair prices that you may get consumers out of the House.

And was able Amazon Apple rivals of electronic stores huge such as Alibaba and e-bay thanks to this preferential policy included in contracts dealing with vendors.

And Senator Elizabeth Warren’s investigations extensive and comprehensive with major US technology companies that violate fair competition, as well as ask the authorities concerned to take actions that ensure stop abusive practices by competitors.

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