Amazon might release phones to compete with Android

Missed the Amazon is a stranger to the smartphone market after its launch phone fire phone 2014, to the company after a loss of as much as $ 170 million on the units unsold, which seems interesting from a company usually are developing, or control of any industry is headed, including cloud computing, retail, movies and television content.

But as a note one of the investors in the company, it’s time to Amazon to try and enter into the smartphone market again, where he announced the bezos about his desire to make customer able to use the assistant Alexa, the personal everywhere.

Foresee reports that Amazon will have to log back into the smart phone market, directly or indirectly, in order to expand the use of Alexa.

Analysts believe that Amazon has turned the smartphone market late last time, where the police tried to competition in the market is a foregone conclusion among the iOS system from Apple and Android from Google, but though, miss the Amazon in the area of voice commands to come after all of Siri your Apple assistant Google, thanks to the popularity of the speaker and smart eco.

market share voice assistants

But, to keep Amazon on its website or even to overtake its competitors, you must have access to phones users, there is no other way to evolve to Alexa.

It is worth noting that the investment group American suggested that Amazon intends to manufacture the phones itself or the participation of other manufacturers, this is something that the sign means that the e-commerce giant will be its own system, which failed, Samsung and Microsoft, Blackberry and any other company in its success.

Source: Business Insider

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