Amazon officially enter the board of Health, and reveal its own ” Belei ” skin care products


It is common to see companies Amazon start selling the products that has become very popular on the e-store. Think skin care products are among the best-selling products on the internet, and Amazon use it too. This is the reason why now create its own skincare products which carry the name of Belei. It should be noted this profile does not carry the name of the Amazon Belei, but rather to simply protect the name of Belei because the name of the company conspicuously absent from the packaging.

The company issued a press release yesterday confirming that the Belei is the ” range of skin care products high quality, ” which provides solutions for different skin types and are made of the components of the ” proven effective “.

Lineup Belei currently consists of 12 elements different from moisturizer retinol right down to the facial wipes, serums, multi purpose. Will help these products clients to address the common fears related to skin care such as acne, fine lines and dark spots and wrinkles. And Amazon to to all products Belei-free of sulfates phthalates parabens fragrances. Has not been tested on animals. Make bottles of these products from recycled glass, while the packaging carton recyclable at 100 percent.

All products Belei are qualified for free which includes free shipping unlimited for two days with Amazon Prime. The full range listed in page Amazon custom to Belei. Prices start from $ 9 for up to $ 40 vaccines.

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