Amazon opens access to your quantum computer

Such technological giants as Google and IBM have long been struggling to become the first company to create truly affordable quantum computer. Meanwhile, the no less famous company of Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s not in a big hurry to get into this battle. Instead, they just go ahead and run the program to access your quantum computer. Unfortunately, that take advantage of the technology of the future may not be everything, but the fact that it happened is amazing. A few years ago about this possibility could not even dream of.

Amazon is doing something new!

What a service Amazon quantum computing

The new service is called Amazon Braket and this is the first attempt of such a large company to turn the nascent area of quantum computing in the service to which you can access via the Internet.

Amazon Braket is a fully managed you service, with an unprecedented level of security and data encryption. In it you will be able to have complete control of quantum computing. explains Amazon in its appeal on the portal The Verge.

But there’s one small catch. “You” in this case means not a specific person, and corporate clients Amazon. The service gives the opportunity to use not only ready-made algorithms, but also to create new developments. Quantum computers able to perform calculations much faster than traditional supercomputers is due to the fact that their quantum bits (qubits) can exist in multiple quantum States simultaneously, in that time, as “classical” bits are only in two or zero and one respectively.

The service will allow a wide range of people and companies to get the experience of working with qubits and quantum computing. You can create and test schema in our environment, and then run them on a real quantum computer.

But Amazon doesn’t stop. Company representatives also state that create a “center for quantum computing,” in other words, a real laboratory where will be assembled quantum computers. It will be located close to California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Director of the company on quantum computing, confirmed to the edition of Wiredthat Amazon is working on “the other quantum equipment.”

Why do we need quantum computing?

As has been said, theoretically, quantum computers can calculate much faster because of the fact that the qubits have much more potential. If you believe the statements of other companies (and not to believe them makes no sense), the performance gain in computation may increase significantly. Not so long ago Google announced that through its 54-kubango quantum Sycamore they managed to successfully make the calculation that it would take the most powerful conventional supercomputer to date 10,000 years. How do you like speed? Would like to use a quantum computer? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

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But quantum computers are extremely expensive to manufacture. That’s why Amazon (and Microsoft) are trying to turn them into public service. Of course, that they can be used by only large corporations. But nothing prevents the companies, if successful, to expand the scope and “let” in there and all of us.

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