Amazon provides a free version of its service for music

There is fierce competition in the field of music apps, and Amazon are trying to compete aggressively, where it recently announced a free version allows users to listen to music without the defense on the Android and iOS, has raised the price of its share by 0.5%.

On the other side, this news was helpful in what to buy Spotify, which increased its share by 5%, which already allows users to listen to music for free.

This service is available free of charge comes beside the introduction of the ads, what puts Amazon in direct competition with Spotify, Music Google and Pandora and other similar services.

Will Amazon have access to more than two million clip musical through free ad-supported version, which is much higher than the 40 million songs offered by Spotify.

If you prefer to get music ad-free, the Amazon offers two options: membership of Amazon Prime, which includes access to the two million cut music without ads and without any additional cost, or sign up in Amazon Music Unlimited vs $ 7.99 per month versus 50 million cut to a musician.

Currently, Amazon’s offering an offer for a limited time worth $ 0.99 for four months to serve for Music Amazon Music Unlimited if you sign up now.

Source: Amazon

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