Amazon require to acquire a chain of theaters, according to a new report


She managed to get Amazon to make herself a name in the industry of movies and television programs and series, but it seems that the police have a plan to Own the role of real cinema. Says new report released recently that the company is considering the possibility of buying the chain cinemas Landmark Theatres in more than 50 places.

The reputation of a site Bloomberg of his own interests that the company Amazon is interested in acquiring the chain cinemas Landmark Theatres. It is believed that they one of the companies that are looking to acquire this power of cinema. And cinema Landmark Theatres are great films, Foreign and independent in more than 50 places.

It is reported that the clothing chain cinemas Landmark Theatres they work with the investment bank Stephens Inc. on a potential sale of the company. Did not make final decisions until now and can fail the talks at any time. The idea of Netflix getting in on the cinema Landmark Theatres also, but reportedly abandoned the idea in the month of April last while felt the executives that the price that you are asking for Landmark Theatres is very high.

You didn’t tell Amazon anything regarding this issue, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the company decided to move forward in the process of acquisition. I invested the company heavily in creating its own content lately, as it seeks to compete more effectively with Netflix the most established in this market.

So that some reports indicated that Amazon wants to attract more people to subscribe to the service Amazon Prime has produced films are great for this purpose. The existence of a chain of cinemas own will help the company will definitely achieve this goal.


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