Amazon robots taught not to get close to people

In 2018, Amazon hired fewer workers than before — this is a clear indication that she is actively using robots. Unfortunately, they are not smart enough to completely replace regular employees, so people are forced to work side by side with metal counterparts. It’s a pretty dangerous idea, because the robots are able to ignore people and cause injury — this is why the company has started to provide staff with special devices that allow the robots to understand that they should stay away.

Робот на складе Amazon

The device, referred to as the “technical jackets” are braces that are attached to an electronic belt. Wearing them, people can not be afraid that one of hundreds of robot movers will crush them with a huge container of goods. The fact that when approaching the robot, the belt gives him the command to decrease speed and change of route to avoid collision.

Early in order to avoid accidents, the employees were required to pre-specify where in the warehouse they work — robots received this information and avoided the area. The e-strap can help people to save time and to give her much important task than simply pointing to its location.

However, the risk of getting injured during production still remains. For example, in December 2018 at the Amazon warehouse happened the accident, which injured more than 20 people. Then a huge robot by mistake stabbed the balloon with a means to scare away the bears. Contained therein substances called workers suffocation and temporary blindness, so they had to be hospitalized.

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