Amazon says that facial recognition technology has able to identify the fearful person

Recognition technology the facial features of the Amazon reaches advanced stages with their ability to know the person fearful of the features of the face.

أمازون تقول أن تقنية التعرف على الوجه لديها بإمكانها تحديد الشخص الخائفAmazon says that facial recognition technology has able to identify the fearful person

The company said Amazon Web Services AWS that facial recognition technology provided by the known as the Rekognition become able to identify people fearful of through the facial features. It is what makes the process more integrated and to identify the features and feeling of people, so it can determine whether a person feels happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, tranquility, or confusion.

And the company went so far as to be more specialized in the sense of a feeling or condition of persons according to the target age group also.

Is considered the technique of Rekognition to the contours of the face of the Amazons of the most advanced technologies in the field, but what got to him is a big leap for her, where she will assist in the identification of persons and perhaps predict some of the behavior based on their own condition.

Was Amazon before the widespread criticism due to the sale recognition service on the face of the American government that you use in the various activities.

This of course helps more in military uses, for example, to reach people once you get to know their features.

This may be good it to avoid some accidents are criminal, but at the same will contribute to the violation of people’s privacy more.



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