Amazon sent many updates to the series, kinda than by electronic

أمازون توفد العديد من التحديثات إلى سلسلة كيندل من كتبها الالكترونية

Announced Amazon about several new updates to the authority by Electronic of the model kinda meet it up with the rest of their brands; which are these features most standard production line e-books since a period of time, which naturally includes the lighting technology of the virtual or what is called a Built in light.

Reported Amazon is that there has been a change to the external design of the device kinda 2019 to facilitate caught the user does not provide sufficient amount of rest, however, more than the previous version, the price will rise copy negative by $ 10 which that the lowest price would be about $ 90 and does not prohibit the advertising of course.

Maintained company thoroughly screen kinda usual 167 ppi as the overall size of the counterfactual proportion PaperWhite, when the Amazon had opened the door of the pre-order for Kindle the updated the beginning of the day when it will start shipping to customers on April 10 next.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon provides to owners of Kindle books old the opportunity to take advantage of them and people updated via sent to the police and get them a gift card-style access to discount by 25%.

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