Amazon stop working after increasing pressure due to day cuts Prime Day

موقع أمازون يتوقف عن العمل بعد الضغط المتزايد بسبب يوم التخفيضات Prime Day

Began Amazon hours before on cuts Prime Day for her store, offering millions of products and services at lower prices than the original price have it comes to reduce more than half the price, which is certified by the company to its customers.

But it seems that the customers of Amazon they tried to get all the products in record time, so that the large number of visitors on the website of electronic commerce led to the formation of great pressure, which make the site stop working.

One users especially in the United States participation in the non-appearance of the site’s main page as normal or even sub-pages due to high pressure, where it says some shopping naturally was facing some problems, which is explained by Amazon talking about how this day was much higher than last year, where there are hundreds of millions of purchases.

The company had achieved$ 1 million sales during the day of cuts last year, but sales this year may reach 2.8$ billion, nearly 3 times the sales of last year.

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