Amazon: the face recognition system is able to discover the fear

Announced the company Amazon that the face recognition system our labeled (Rekognition) can now discover a sense of Fear read through a person’s face.

The system provides (Rekognition) a comprehensive set of tools to discover the face and it and recognize them in photos and videos, and is one among the many services provided by Amazon to developers as part of the cloud infrastructure (AWS).

The system uses artificial intelligence to check the data that it addresses, and it can be used (Rekognition) to determine the destination or sentiment analysis, so that the system determines the expressions of the various expected emotions from pictures of people’s faces.

Revealed a giant technology for new updates to the system controversial, which include improving the accuracy and functions of the feature analysis of the face, such as the identification of sex; emotions; the scope and age.

Said Amazon: well, with this version the accuracy of identification between the sexes, in addition to improving the accuracy of discovering feelings and we added a new feeling is fear, along with emotions ex: happy; the sad; angry; surprised; the sick; the comforting; the confused.

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Invested researchers of artificial intelligence a lot of resources to try to read the feelings of a person through the analysis of features of face and movements, health and much more.

Some technology companies working in this area: Microsoft; and Affectiva; and Kairos.

Some experts pointed out that despite the existence of scientific evidence indicate a link between facial expressions and emotions, the way that reflects its people for basic emotions vary across cultures and situations.

The expression of similar types of facial movements for more than one class of feelings sometimes, so the researchers warned that it is not possible to confidently conclude the happiness of the smile, or the anger of the merchants, or the sadness of a frown.

Raised face face recognition technology to concerns about their potential use in the surveillance and the possibility of your intrusion on privacy, technology was the Amazon named (Rekognition) the subject of controversy for use by law enforcement agencies.

Reports indicated that Amazon may have sold the system for the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the United States (ICE), but the company did not recognize if they have partnered with immigration and customs of America to use the program.

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