Amazon think it stores a copy of your conversations with the digital assistant Alexa

amazon echo Alexa

I’ve always stressed companies like Amazon and Google that its smart like the speakers supported the assistants digital like Alexa and the Google Assistant is not listening to your conversations, but what about keeping a record of her? While we can’t talk about Google, it turns out that Amazon do it.

This is what revealed by Senator Chris Coons, who sent two months ago a letter to Amazon requesting answers about Alexa and if it retains the audio recordings to its users or not. In response to the letter, assured the vice president of Public Policy at Amazon, Mr. Brian Huseman that Amazon keeps your tapes sound as well as a copy of your conversations with Alexa, at least until they are deleted by users.

In response, Mr. Brian Coons : ” answers Amazon leave the possibility not to delete user interactions voice with Alexa of all Rings Amazon, even after you delete the user to modify the audio. Moreover, to the extent of share this data with third parties, and how to use these third parties for information and control, is still unclear “.

Although there are a lot of functions and comfort associated with amplifiers smartphone, you may want to think twice before using it, at least if you don’t want to be recording your conversations.

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