Amazon to invest $ 700 million in the electric carmaker “rustic”

أمازون تستثمر 700 مليون دولار في شركة صناعة السيارات الكهربائية "ريفيان"

We have noted in our experience the earlier the beginning of last week about the negotiations to buy Amazon General Motors to invest in the company rustic two emerging and competent in the manufacture of electric cars we would note jurisdiction in small vans or pick ups, to offer Amazon has already invested $ 700 million in the company.

In never detected any of the terms of the investment deal of this; but by reference to the information Commons in advance perhaps Amazon will own shares in the company for their investment this will in the future play a greater role in the market of the electric car industry.

Especially that the editions of the rural two R1T RIS which revealed them for nearly three months has been highly acclaimed for their high capacity to walk a great distance on a single charge, which refers of course to mark a promising future for the company in the field of competition in this market.

Has the CEO of a rustic of as well as for protection that moves him to join the Amazon them in the journey industry their products technical on counting his expression. Is this investment a great addition for each of the two companies in all cases to a greater success, at the time, which is expected to launch a rural to R1T RIS the beginning of next year 2020.

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