Amazon to start construction of its $ 1.5 million

Opened Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon retail, work in the development of the airport by $ 1.5 million in Northern Kentucky, which is expected to open by 2021

This status allows the air to Amazon to control the operations of the company, and reduce their dependence on the services of UPS, FedEx, Postal Service us, which lowers costs, and accelerates delivery times.

And Amazon has announced a service center in Cincinnati airport Cincinnati – airport Northern Kentucky International CVG – in 2017.

Will be within the Center 50 aircraft of the company, with reference to that supports a fleet of more than 100 cargo plane Prime Air, the company said last year: she rents 40 Boeing 767, has entered the 16 aircraft in service.

The company received a lease period of 50 years, more than 900 acres of the ownership of the Cincinnati airport, and this space is roughly equivalent to the size of the world Centers for aviation leader in the field of shipping, such as FedEx, and UPS.

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She explained Sarah Rhodes Sarah Rhoads, director of services, Amazon Air, it is expected that this includes the centre 2000 staff member of the Amazon, the Amazon Air will help customers by ensuring that they receive Fast shipping, free charge their.

Said Jeff Bezos: will lets us this the center Air deliver packages to customers faster, and we will time delivery of shipments service Prime – a service provided by the Amazon customers, with operations connect Unlimited for 119 $ per year, in addition to servicing the broadcast television and music – from two days to one day.

The company said e-commerce giant: it expects to spend $ 800 million this quarter to make the change necessary; to assess the time of shipping shipping service Prime.

The centre is air, which is located in the south side of the airport, square, designated to accommodate aircraft for loading or unloading cargo, or refueling, or maintenance, to the side of the observation tower, and win.

Will service Amazon Air part of the cargo operations increased at the airport in CVG, where it doubled the amount of goods that are transported through the airport over the past five years, as this is the airport home to the centre and in the North America giant international shipping DHL.

The centre is Air part of the plan of Amazon’s long-term to expand its network for recommendations, and then reduce its dependence on transportation companies third-party and expanded the company in the month of December, its fleet of cargo aircraft to 50 aircraft – all Boeing 767.

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