Amazon to start its services in Turkey and its position in Turkish

أمازون تبدأ خدماتها في تركيا وتطلق موقعها باللغة التركية

The significant expansion of electronic commerce is no longer confined to a specific place, especially to talk about the trade giant Amazon, the company announced the expansion of its services into a new market, this time to Turkey, where they will begin their services by launching her own shop in the Turkish language similar to the stores by the British, German, Dutch, and other stores in different markets.

Said Amazon “today, we’re excited to offer millions of products to consumers Turks with more than 1,000 distribution point local.” The company added “We are aware that they must meet the high expectations of our customers.”

Turkey is one of the most important world markets, especially in e-commerce, the presence of more than 46 million users on the network, according to official statistics. Has reached the market of electronic commerce a total value of about 6.3 million in 2017, and is expected to rise in value by 30-35%.

Commenting on the opening of the Amazon in Turkey, said Sam Nicholas, director of the company in the country, “we are committed to building our business in Turkey over the past months to expand our services and provide a number of delivery services.”

According to the website TRTWorld, the company will start its work in Turkey in more than 15 section of the diverse products offered by the rest of the stores.

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