Amazon wants to sell surveillance as a service

Got company Amazon to patent the invention of the US to provide surveillance as a service, where you want a giant e-commerce the use of drones to spy on the houses.

It seems that the surveillance capabilities of the Amazon is not wide enough through the middle, like (Echo); and (Ring); and (the Key), not to mention all the data collected by US routinely for their customers.

Relates to a patent submitted to the Office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with unmanned aerial vehicle – the technical term for the plane that drone – capable of mind control and development, and export those properties to generate the image control.

Suggests Amazon in the patent, submitted on 12 June 2015, granted on June 4 of this year, to surveillance-based drones will be superior to video cameras traditional limited scope, the prone to losing things, which can be manipulated or damaged.

The existing surveillance aircraft, the drone is the next logical step for Amazon, which invested heavily in both parts of this equation.

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And the police use of drones to deliver packages since 2013, and it was those conversations as a joke at that time for the giant logistics FedEx (FedEx).

It seems that the plans Amazon has become less funny for its competitors, as the official said in the company, Jeff Wilke Jeff Wilke, in early June: the Amazon may begin to use planes (Prime Air) drone to deliver parcels to customers within the next few months.

And the patented Amazon: the surveillance will serve as an important byproduct of this system based on drones, after the delivery of the parcel.

The company suggests that the user may wish to participate in the surveillance system to provide surveillance as a service, equivalent to the system providing software as a service.

And paid Amazon in the month of February 2018, more than a million dollars in a deal to buy the company (Ring), manufactured for the smart door which sends a video feed customers can check them out, and respond to them from their smart phones.

Amazon has launched – after three months of this page – (Neighbors), a social network for reporting crime, encourages users to download videos from security cameras of their own (Ring), with the tagging, such as a crime; and safe; and suspicious.

Signed more than 50 police department local American partnership with (Ring) to access the security footage from the owners of the cameras.

Also offer Amazon also Amazon Key, a service that allows members of the (Prime) to get the packages directly in their homes, in case they install a smart lock on the door, camera security from Amazon inside their homes.

According to the data of the survey conducted by the company (Cowen), the speakers smart home the Echo – backed assistant to the personal audio Alexa Alexa – present in approximately 24 percent of homes of American families.

Reports issued in the month of April that the staff of the Amazon listen to audio recordings captured across devices the Echo, and use those recordings to improve the understanding of Alexa to speak human.

And the capacity of listening the Alexa is so severe that a team of researchers at the University of Washington have developed a tool that can listen to the implementation of the human; the search for signs of a heart attack.

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