Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces the launch of my website The Edge in the UAE

أمازون ويب سيرفيسز (AWS) تعلن إطلاق موقعي Edge في الإمارات

The company issued Amazon a new ad for the expansion of its service cloud in the region, where it unveiled Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch my site Amazon CloudFront Edge in the UAE within both Dubai and Fujairah, in order to improve the level of customer experiences companies in the region.

And the company by asking employees to provide their services to companies at a higher level, which is reflected on the experiences of end users of the service to provide greater speed in data transmission degree of protection higher presence of data-processing services security and e – Lambda@Edge, andAWS Shield, apply AWS WAF.

Where the service provides Amazon CloudFront network to accelerate content delivery, which deliver data, video files, applications, and APIs to customers around the world safely with a response time lower speeds and high transmission within the environment friendly to developers.

Come service Amazon CloudFront naturally integrated with the service platform to AWS cloud, and will improve the performance by up to 90% at the low response time in the delivery of content to their end users.

Recall that the service is currently available in 138 different locations in the world within the 63 cities in 29 states, the test is considered the UAE for the normal being considered as a point of attraction for global companies in the region within the different areas.

Stated Andy icon, vice president and managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Amazon Web Services (AWS), about the topic, saying, “We are pleased to continue our expansion in the Middle East, and bring more cloud computing technologies developed for our clients in the UAE. The Middle East region is important for us in AWS, and the Emirates hub to highlight startups and innovative in the region. We look forward through the new infrastructure the staff of the Edge to provide more support to these institutions in their endeavours to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing technologies”.

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