Amazon will begin selling Apple devices officially through its stores World

أمازون ستبدأ ببيع أجهزة آبل بشكل رسمي عبر متاجرها العالمية

Managed Amazon get a major concession from Apple allowed to sell phones iPhone and iPad tablet, as well as the Smart Watch products, Beats through its stores, where it will be able to any user to get the devices directly through the Amazon stores located in many countries.

Under this convention, you will be able to Apple, agents, licensors view the products of the company Basic including other brand company’s Beats officially via the Amazon stores, this will encourage countries outside of the United States; such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India.

Was Amazon selling Apple products informal to the store in the former like accessories priced based on the salespeople at the store, but with the current step, they will become suppliers of official products the most important the rate is uniform with the company, as you will delete all the previous products from the stores, which depend on the vendors to get official permission from Apple to sell them.

Commenting on this, said the speaker of the Amazon to The Verge, the company is always working to improve the customer experience, and this is by offer more purchase options for the consumer to get products that you think that he wants her.

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