Amazon will continue its 3,000 retail stores over the next three years

أمازون ستوسع تواجدها بـ 3000 متجر تجزئة خلال السنوات الثلاث القادمة - Amazon Go

Mentioned a report from the site of Bloomberg ‘s intention Amazon to expand its work dramatically on the ground, where will the giant of electronic commerce, the opening of 3,000 stores in the Amazon atmosphere during the next three years until the year 2021.

The company inaugurated the first store of this chain 2016, in Seattle in the United States of America, which offers the customer a great shopping experience too-free accounting and payment for purchases routinely, you have to do is pick what you want from products that they are being monitored sensors and cameras and automatically the app your base atmosphere on your phone.

According to the report, the company focused its work at the current time on the side of the freshly prepared meals and to attract the crowds and lunch time, you’ll be stores coming from Amazon greatly expanded in the direction of efforts to control the areas of the largest in the retail sale of providing meals to its provision in other areas.

The application of this step will become the Amazon, the atmosphere of the largest chains of business located in the United States, where, according to those close to the company, plans to open 10 new sites until the end of the year, and 50 other in 2019 will be concentrated in the metro stations while the rest will be in the period up to 2021.

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