Amazon will deliver your purchase right in the trunk of your car

As practice shows, even the most seemingly familiar things can always be improved and made more interesting and convenient. Here take, for example, a delivery service of goods. Amazon has already tested delivery of goods by drones, and last year — directly in your home while you’re gone. And here now it became known about another service: the delivery of goods in the trunk of your car.

As reported by the Verge, the new method is called Key-In-Car and launched in partnership with carmakers General Motors and Volvo, so far only works with brands of cars from these manufacturers. In addition, for participants at this point is put forward and a number of additional requirements: the vehicle must be released no later than 2015, and the driver must have an active account with OnStar and Volvo on Call.

As for the packages, Amazon claim that their dimensions shall not exceed dimensions of 65 x 55 x 40 inches, and the weight must not be more than 23 kilograms. In addition, under the service Key In-Car do not fall goods, which require the signature of the owner, or those whose value exceeds US $ 1300.

Delivery service was tested in the territory of Washington and California in the past six months, and now it is available to all subscribers of Amazon Prime for 10.99 dollars a month. Courier service will find a car by GPS-coordinates, numbers and pictures and then using special key will open the trunk and put your cargo there, and then close the machine. Use Key In-Car available to residents of the 37 cities in the United States, and in the future geography will be expanded. Well, then, how does the Key-In-Car, you can see now on the video located below.

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