Amazon work on your new wearable, ” reads the consequences of human“, according to a new report

Amazon Company

According to a new report released today, it appears that Amazon is working on a new wearable, ” reads the consequences of human “. The machine will be capable of wear at the level of the wrist and will act on voice commands, but its primary function is to read human emotions. Thus, it would be a healthy unmatched in today’s market.

The report from the news agency poor , says he has been getting information from sources familiar with the matter and internal documents pertaining to company Amazon stating that the team responsible for the Alexa and the section Amazon Lab126 working together on this product. This will contain the device on the mics allows him to ” distinguish the emotional state of the wearer through his voice, “ added the report to this technology you will be able to in the end of ” advising the user on how to interact more effectively with others. “

It was a section of the Amazon Lab126 behind the development of many devices, a subsidiary of Amazon, including but not limited to Phone Amazon Fire Phone series speakers Amazon Echo. And also in the last year that this section is working on a robot my house.

Did not confirm the Amazon or denies the existence of this project but the idea makes sense in the scope of possibility. There are many biomarkers measurable which can reveal human emotions. However, the effectiveness of the device in the distinguished keep is an entirely different matter. The report says that it is not certain at the moment whether the project will result in the creation of a product will be commercialized or not. If you don’t succeed technique, can amazon cancel the project simply.

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