Amazon’s use of the services of her book electronic Kindle Voyage

أمازون تستغني عن خدمات كتابها الالكتروني Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage tablet device dedicated for reading electronic books, a series of the Kindle, which includes a number of versions, the first appearance of the book electronic Kindle Voyage 2014, although it is characterized by light weight and thickness of your good as well as a high screen resolution in the reading, however, Amazon decided to get him out of the series Kindle for e-books.

Said Amazon remove the device from the list of display in her store in June Last, reported all of the site TheEbookReader site GoodEReader, that the company will not rest on this device, with respect to some updated version that will remain available, such as the basic Kindle and mid-range Kindle Paperwhite and the premium Kindle Oasis.

It seems that the problem encountered by this version is its price is high, compared with other devices for the same power, that cost 200$, and don’t forget the version Kindle Oasis of this series, which apparently he was euthanised to his predecessor, with the specifications, the top, of the screen of 7 inches, and weight less, where an estimated 194 grams, plus it’s waterproof and features more quickly in turning the pages compared to other tablets of the same style, with the$ 50 Extra, but with the level of the characteristic as we have explained.




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