Ambitious of Samsung to companies folding will be for laptops also

Galaxy Book 2

We know that Samsung is developing a smartphone with a foldable screen. However, it seems that the ambitions of the company, and the folding will extend beyond smartphones and into laptops in the future. It was confirmed by Samsung itself through the event revealed the unveiled a laptop New.

According to Mr. Lee Min-cheol, who held the post of deputy head of Department of marketing of computers in the company Samsung, it has stated by saying : ” as happens with the smart phones folding, Samsung with the makers of the tea to develop computers and portable with collapsible, which will not fold towards the inside and the outside, but lead to the creation of a new user experience and the value of the centre of the changing market trends for laptops “.

The idea behind the use of screens a folding in of smart phones in that it allows users to use a device that can put it in your pocket, but can also be extended to act as a tablet if the user needs a large screen. Imagine that this might be the same concept behind the laptops with folding, even though we’re not sure how to do that given that the keyboards and laptops non-folding.

Maybe you can buy a Samsung thinking about creating a laptop like the Razer Project Valerie, where can be additional monitors extended to provide the user with a screen too wide.


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