Ambitious project begins in the Pacific to remove the 88 thousand tons of plastic garbage floating


Launched organization, The Ocean Cleanup Project, an ambitious project to remove up to 88 thousand tons of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean, and exactly in what is known as the ” garbage patch in the Pacific “. The organization was started with the above-mentioned pull trash from the demo site is approximately 260 miles off the coast of San Francisco.

Will be using a network which will be transformed to the form of the letter ” U ” by the wind and the waves during the deviation slowly and on their own. Will be the network that reaches the altitude of 10 feet at the bottom to pick up even micro plastic size. You will come to small boats at a later time to retrieve the trash and transported to shore for recycling.

Will be monitoring this mechanism is used during the experiment which will last for about two weeks to make sure they are what they are supposed to be doing also to make sure that this mechanism does not cause disturbance of other marine life. Mr. Joost Dubois of the organization, the Ocean Cleanup Project : ” we are trying to resolve an environmental problem, so we need to make sure we don’t go back to her bigger project, “ he added : ” We want to catch plastic, rather than fish “.

After the experiment, will then be the transfer of this mechanism which is called the System 001 to another area for their main task of cleaning the Garbage Patch The Great Pacific. They will then be monitored by crews will be on site for six months. The ultimate goal is to ensure that this mechanism is able to do its job independently without damaging the marine life.


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