AMD announces graphic cards coming from a family of Radeon RX 5000 core Navi

Strange Brigade

Through Computex this year removed the company AMD has unveiled a new generation of Cards by a graphical rule and will belong to the family of Radeon RX 5000, and will be based on the architecture Navi size of 7 nm, and are of a standard which leaves many in the technical community being the intent of the graphic cards for next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

AMD seemed proud of the performance of this family and sharing their understanding on card Geforce RTX 2070 from Nvidia by can be up to 10% as the company offered in demo Strange Brigade. This family of cards based on the new architectural style RDNA and is not supported on the architecture GCN, which is built cards the previous company, and will be disclosed in detail through the E3 Expo next few weeks after the release date is in the month of July next.

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