AMD announces its first release of the Realtek screen core Navi in the series the Radeon RX 5000

Announced AMD today during a conference Computex for the first versions of the Realtek screen possible core Navi accurately the manufacture of 7 nm and, where applicable, the new production line in series Radeon RX 5000.

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Offer AMD released the first of a series Realtek screen possible core Navi in the Realtek screen RX 5700 which comes in the medium category, and the competitor card of the screen RTX 2070 from Nvidia.

Stresses AMD that the new version comes to the performance of the top 25% in overclocking compared to May of the previous, along with the performance of the faster 50% in energy consumption.

Comes card screen Radeon RX 5000 as the first version featured delicately manufactured 7 nm, also supports the Realtek screen PCIe 4.0, and the criteria memory GDDR6 possible performance of the rapid, where Miss Realtek screen version of Nvidia RX 5700 perform faster by 10%.

It is planned to submit Lisa Su, CEO of AMD more details about the specification of the Realtek screen during the gaming conference E3, which is held on the 10th of June, as suggested Lisa Su indicated that it expected to start selling Radeon RX 5700 in the month of July.


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