AMD assured everyone, and emphasizes that the their products are safe from the vulnerability ZombieLoad

AMD Ryzen 7

While looking to Intel and AMD seen as appropriate in the processors, but it’s safe to say that Intel have a preference in this market tend to be the brand most preferred. However, because of the security holes has been discovered in Intel processors, it is possible to give that extra boost needed to buy AMD to help them gain more power over its main competitor.

Lately, the company has advanced AMD to reassure its customers that the products are safe from the vulnerability ZombieLoad newly discovered which seems to have affected a large number of Intel processors.

In a publication on its official website on the internet, said the company AMD by saying : ” at AMD we develop our products and services, taking into account security. Based on our analysis and our discussion with the researchers, we believe that our products are not vulnerable to attacks Fallout or RIDL or ZombieLoad because of tests verification of the protection in the standard bin. We can’t take advantage of these vulnerabilities in the products of AMD and do not realize that other people did it “.

It should be noted that it was only last week discovered vulnerability dubbed by researchers the name of the ZombieLoad, the second time in recent years that are affected by the Intel security holes. In the former, you know the reputation of the company a blow when it turns out that the products suffer from security vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre.

Released Intel since the source code of a mini new manufacturers of computers for tinkering vulnerability ZombieLoad in computers that use Intel processors affected, but it remains to be seen whether this new bus will customer confidence in the company, Intel or not.


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