AMD gives Samsung license architecture processors graphics Redeon copy for smartphones

AMD تمنح سامسونج رخصة معمارية معالجات رسومات Redeon لنسخها للهواتف الذكية

Concluded Samsung partnered with the company AMD American allows him to use the technique of graphics processors AMD Redeon to create the architecture of its building products phones Samsung, as the Korean company in exchange for access Mar latest AMD processors and are the RDNA, which is expected to be used as a building block essential in the construction of processors Exynos phones SAS Trang compatible with it.

It is clear from the page that AMD has ensured itself the entry in the field of MG and opening for itself a new market in the field of smart phones, next to what is known is that the present on the copy of the desktop computers and portable in addition to their technology used in gaming consoles such as Xbox ended up as well as some Intel processors use a technology company that will also contribute to the cloud gaming service from Google is “Stadia”.

And by Samsung looks like she is in the process of replacing the designs and operations ARM of the British that you use in the manufacture of processors Exyons that of the AMD in accordance with the new partnership, which anyway will not witness prevalent globally due to the diversification of the company in reliance on processed in accordance with the geographic region that you use some phones processors Senate.

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