AMD has updated their drivers for video cards miners

The largest manufacturer of specialized equipment for mining Bitmain has announced a new device designed for mining cryptocurrency Ethereum. This news has shaken the position of AMD, which produces graphics cards, but the developer does not intend to take the position, giving the competitors their share of the profits. Today AMD announced the release of new mining drivers for their videocartoon.

“The stress and strain of working with bloccano can cause lower performance graphics cards. The latest software update for our graphics cards is designed to eliminate problems with performance when mining cryptocurrencies using GPUs,” reports AMD in the description to update.

The release notes update for Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 says that the software update does not contain other major innovations and is not intended for game and graphics workloads — the uniqueness of the latest version of the software.

Further updates to improve the performance of graphics cards when mining, AMD promises. Apparently, current updates and patches should be enough to provide a significant performance boost without damaging the cards. Regular “fix bugs” related to mining, the company also does not promise, but the appearance of such updates is very pleasing, allowing to hope that a similar fix will come out in the future.

This update is a logical step from AMD. Analysts yesterday downgraded the Outlook associated with the company’s profits, due to the announcement of a new ASIC miner from Bitmain, so the software to improve stability when mining cryptocurrencies can do to somehow improve things for AMD, giving users confidence and pushing them to further use of the cards.

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